Soledur Flakes

Epoxy and Polyurethane

The line SOLEDUR FLAKES® coatings was especially developed for commercial, administrative, hospital, public, laboratory and kitchen areas. Combining unparalleled aesthetics with high resistance of epoxy resins and polyurethane, this coating is the ideal solution when you want beauty, reliability and endurance.



  • Multiple textures.
  • Rapid implementation.
  • It can be applied under weather (UV-resistant)
  • Thickness ranging from 1.0 to 5.0 mm;
  • glossy or matte finish.

Available finishes


It has two layers of coating lacquer. The surface is non-slip without retaining dirt.


It has three layers of coating lacquer. The surface is smooth and very bright.


The SOLEDUR FLAKES coatings can be applied in all areas where it is desired a combination of aesthetics and resistance. It is particularly recommended for laboratories, schools, offices, hospitals, kitchens, supermarkets, homes, shopping malls and stores.


* Colors merely illustrative. For exact colors, please ask for our color catalog.