Soledur QP


The QP SOLEDUR® systems are highly resistant coatings applied in one or more layers spatulate, finished epoxy resin, pigmented polyurethane or polyurea.



  • High resistance to compression, abrasion and chemical.
  • integrated baseboard to the floor – without amendments;
  • Thickness ranging from 1.0 to 6.0 mm;
  • Monochrome;
  • glossy finish.

Available Finishes:


The QP-AD finish has a specific non-slip surface for wet or safe areas.

The anti-slip degree can go from 0 to 3:


QP-LS finish has a slightly non-slip surface without delaying the cleaning. It is specified for areas with people and forklift traffic.


QP-Pharma a surface finish has completely sealed with a slightly wavy smooth texture. It is specified for areas that need easy and constant cleaning.


The SOLEDUR QP coatings can be applied in all areas of industry and commerce where you need a pigmented coating finish and easy to maintain. Due to its characteristics is recommended for large application areas such as machining centers, assembly area, high traffic areas, etc.


* Colors merely illustrative. For exact colors, please ask for our color catalog.