Company specialized in coatings based on epoxy, polyurethane and urethane resins, for industrial and commercial floors..


n more than 15 years, in a such competitive market, we pride ourselves on being a reference when it comes to innovation in the development, manufacturing and application of High Performance Coatings. We manufacture and apply our own products and systems, offering full warranty.

Each product and system goes through a in-depth series of tests and is developed to meet the specific needs of each segment.


ith trained and qualified professionals at the Laticrete Brazil Training Center, we ensure the highest and strictest application standard. We are extremely proud of the projects carried out in the last years. Challenges motivate us. Achievements are the fruits of serious work and aimed at the total satisfaction of our customers.

Quality above all else.
For us, quality is based on the following principles:

SYSTEMS with correct dimensioning, thickness and constant finishing, fully meeting the needs of the customer.

Our own TEAMS, as well as partners, are very well trained and deeply acquainted with the systems and their finishing details.

PRECISION with prior planning applying what was contracted under the negotiated term and place .

SAFETY according to the patrimonial, labor and environmental norms of the national legislation and the client.

ORGANIZATION with a clean construction site with an efficient communication system, collecting all leftovers and debris, leaving only a well-applied coating to the client.

VALUE fair to the customer and to LATICRETE Brazil, in order to maintain a healthy structure, well equipped, trained and in constant development, reverting the benefits to the customer.

Training Center

Laticrete Brazil

Our Training Center was designed with the purpose of passing the entire theoretical, practical and technical procedures of our products, in order to achieve the development and complete training of our professionals