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Laticrete Brazil

Our Training Center was designed with the purpose of passing onwards the entire theoretical, practical and technical process of our products for complete training and development of our professionals.

LATICRETE Application Courses


Always focused on the dissemination of knowledge about High Performance Coatings (HPC), our courses have reached a wide market of applicators that seek qualification and performance improvement in service rendering.


The course is also a great opportunity to get to know HPC and start your own business, creating high quality coatings in a broad and diversified market.

The LATICRETE course is offered in two modalities:


Classroom course

Ministered at our training center in the Sumaré- Sao Paulo / Brazil, with classes limited to the number of 30 apprentices per date.


Online course

Course taught in video lessons, available online. They can be watched anywhere by owning an device with interenct access.

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Aiming to popularize High Performance Coatings (HPC), Solepoxy launches with exclusivity in the subject, a series of tutorial videos totally aimed at all who wish to know or learn about industrial and commercial coatings. Sign up for our channel and stay on top of the news.

Know the types of epoxy coatings

Area Preparation Module

LATICRETE Flow Systems (Self Leveling)

LATICRETE Guard (painting)