Solepoxy Application Course

Classroom course

Always focused on the diffusion of knowledge about High Performance Coatings, the course has reached a wide market of applicators that seek qualification and performance improvement in service delivery.

It is also a great opportunity to get to know the HPC and start your own business by creating quality high performance coatings in a broad and diversified market.

The dates available for the course are:

– April, 05, 06, 2019;
– August, 09, 10, 2019;

The new value is R$ 500,00. 

To sign up, please submit the information below to  curso@www.solepoxy.com.br:

Full name:
Date of Birth:
Company (if there is):

Due to the large number of requests, we recommend that you send it as soon as possible, as we do not make reservations for vacancies. Payments are made through Bank Draft, sent in the order of request and limited to the number of 30 vacancies per date.

Due to high demand, we did not change ticket maturity dates. The tickets are sent to the enrollees in order of receipt and the non-payment of the ticket accredits the next one in the queue. Who does not pay the ticket enters the end of the queue.

The course is divided into 2 days. The first day (Friday), from 8am to 4pm and the second day (Saturday), from 8am to 1pm. Friday lunch and cofee break are included.

The content covered in the course is:

  • Introduction to High Performance Coatings (HPC);
  • Types of Resins;
  • Types of Coatings;
  • Surface Preparation:
    • Types of Substrate;
    • Types of Texture;
    • Planicidad e Nivelamento;
    • Contamination;
    • Principles of Adherence;
    • Standard ICRI – CSP;
    • Surface preparation equipment;
  • Practice of surface preparation (demonstration);
  • How to run a concrete floor that will receive a HPC;
  • How to apply a High Performance paint;
  • How to Apply a High Performance Multilayer;
  • How to apply Coating with 3D stickers;
  • Defects and pathologies most common in HPC;
  • Case studies;
  • Application tools and basic electricity;
  • How to apply a high performance self-leveling agent (liquid porcelain);
  • How to apply the Complementary Systems (accessories):
    • Footer;
    • Reinforcements;
    • Bases;
    • Joints;
    • Drain;
    • Crack treatment;
    • Polymeric Lips;
    • Mortars;
    • Floor Decontamination;
  • Class Practical application of systems and accessories;
  • How to calculate cost using spreadsheets and applications;
  • How to Sell a HPC;
  • The HPC markets;

The courses always take place at Solepoxy headquarters: Athos Astolfi Street, nº 82, Jardim Manchester, Sumaré / SP.

More Information: sac@solepoxy.com.br