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This document serves as guidance for cleaning and maintenance of floors lapped by conventional or polymeric systems.

Cementitious floors (concrete, granilite, terrazzo, pressed vibro plates, hydraulic tile, etc.) with a stoned surface are floors that have received a surface hardening treatment and then a mechanical treatment, through a sequence of diamonds, until an extremely scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, glossy and smooth surface is achieved.

Stoning may last more or less depending on a few factors. Here are some causes that may decrease the gloss of stoning:

A) The surface of the concrete floor even after the hardening process is below 5 Mohs. In this case there is not enough surface hardness to maintain the brightness for a long time. To resolve this situation, one should always opt for polymer stoning.

B) The polished area has a lot of abrasive material on the floor (sand deposit, areas of grinding of parts, etc.). In these cases one should always opt for polishing, constant cleaning and periodic revitalization.

C) The area suffers chemical attacks like sugar, acids, bases, etc. In this case the wrong solution was specified or the client changed the use of the area. The correct option is to coat the floor with epoxy, urethane or polyurethane.

D) Washing or maintaining the floor with inadequate techniques and products.

The recommendations for proper laundering and maintenance are:

1- Never use chemicals such as neutral, acidic or basic detergents. These substances are aggressive, destroying the surface stoned. Use only clean water. If you need a detergent wash, use the SOLECLEAN LP line diluted 1:10 in the auto-wash.

2- Always wash the floor with an auto-wash machine, these machines save water, wash and dry immediately, use less labor and have systems that do not require detergents. Washing the floors with fire hoses, with buckets and rollers is prohibited because it carries too much particulate and oxidized material, exposes the floor to chemical agents (detergents) for a long time, besides being very difficult to dry, making for a waste of water and an unnecessary generation of effluents.

3- When using an auto-wash or waxing machine, never use black or green discs. Only beige, white, red and champagne discs are allowed. To always maintain the initial brightness use 3,000 diamond-impregnated discs such as SOLEPOXY SOLEPAD 3000 or 3M Purple Disc.

4- To “pull” the sheen of the floor should be used high speed waxers to propane or electric equipped with pig or diamond disk SOLEPAD 3000 or Purple 3M or HTC Twister.

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne

Vice-presidente da ANAPRE
Diretor Executivo da Solepoxy / Propiso