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Much has been said about the ‘black-out labor’ in Brazil – an expression for lacking of good proffesionals in field – and the lack of preparation for one’s own success. This is the plain truth. We are, as economists say, “at full employment”, that is, only those who want to be unemployed are so, as there are opportunities for all.

Are we out of Brazilians then? Will we stop growing for lack of people? Now that it’s our turn to succeed, we have barely taken off and we are already lacking in human resources.

No, there is not a single person missing! We’re missing efficiency! We need to do well and more with the resources we have. Inefficient Brazil reminds me of the joke that says it takes 11 people to change a lamp, one to hold it and 10 to turn the ladder.

In this degree of efficiency, people will be lacking for everything.

The root of this lack of efficiency is undoubtedly the government’s neglect of basic and technical education. It is at this moment, in which Brazil most needs qualified people, who are able to calculate, reason and comprehend texts, that neglect of training shows its ugly face.

Inflation, which insists on staying dangerously high, even with poor economic growth, is fueled by what can not be imported: the Brazilian labor force! How ironic: Brazilian inflation is fueled by lack of education! Because there is a lack of efficiency and, therefore, to meet the needs, the coutry hires more people for more money everyday.

The lack of appliances, cars and clothes are no longer the “firewood” of inflation. What feeds it is services, that is, direct work. But how to get out of this trap?

On the part of the government, massive investments will be necessary in basic and, mainly, technical education. On the part of the businessmen, continue to do what has already been done with SESI and SENAI and even more, forming in their specific professional bases.

How can ANAPRE contribute? Through its directors and associates, it can collaborate by presenting to the market machines, technical tools and innovations to improve the high-performance flooring and coatings sector.

It can continue to promote courses and seminars aimed at improving the knowledge of the professional working in this segment. An important step was taken with the initiative to hold the 1st National Seminar of HPC, which aims to present and discuss new techniques of use and application of HPC to further qualify professionals.

In addition, it should encourage the industry to follow the technical recommendations that guide associates, clients and society in general on guidelines and suggestions on the design and execution of industrial floors, since a market that is based on guidelines for good procedures only tends to grow.

So, if ANAPRE is contributing to the efficiency of the country, all that remains is to do their part. Come and join forces to end the blackout.