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I have recently seen an interesting and worrying movement on the part of several clients: the imposition of the specification accompanied by the requirement of warranty.

This movement is common in the world of High Performance Coatings when clients specify a particular coating with thickness, texture, resin etc. and require several years of warranty.

Such movement is not restricted to this branch because concrete floor executors suffer the same problem when the customer defines thickness, concrete, armor and requires that the floor does not fissure.

Interesting as it seems to me that customers are knowing more of flooring and flooring than we manufacturers / service providers. The movement is similar to going to the doctor, specifying the treatment and requiring it to be cured at a given time, which makes no sense. Either we specify and give the warranty, or we do not specify and we also do not guarantee; And in this case, it is better not to do the service.

Watching this movement I ask myself: why is this happening? The answer is not simple, but it will serve to reflect and adopt a more professional stance.

Is this movement a result of the Brazilian habit of self medication? Or is it the idea that one successful solution holds true for all situations? It may also be the lack of credibility that customers have in sellers, who often promise much more than the “product” can meet. Is it the lack of customer knowledge? Or was it your excess of knowledge?

In my view, a lot of things are missing, among them a more agile justice that would punish the bad specifiers and executors, which would help a lot to clean the market and give credence to the serious manufacturers. There is also a need to disseminate more knowledge and clarify customers, specifiers and designers. In this sense, ANAPRE has been developing valuable initiatives with the launch of the texts of recommendations 1, 2 and 3 prepared by the HPC Technical Committee, the synthetic fiber specification text of the Technical Committee of Reinforced Concrete with Fibers, Technical Bulletins issued monthly, The lectures, and finally our annual seminar at the Concrete Show.

Accepting a specification accompanied by a warranty requirement is, at the very least, an anti-professional attitude, a purely commercial stance with no focus on results and only further provoking discredit, feeding this vicious cycle.

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne
Vice-presidente da ANAPRE
Diretor Executivo da Solepoxy