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In these more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, I was able, as a supplier and as a client, to meet a number of companies and to note their values, missions, management and market relations posture. Based on these observations, I grouped companies with characteristics similar to the flight style of three birds: laying hens, prey and migratory birds.

The first group that I identified are the newly created young companies that are very common in our emerging Brazil. They are often made up of a determined, determined entrepreneur with a fully viable business idea.

Every new entrepreneur is optimistic, but he is also often misinformed because he is unaware of tax, labor and civil legislation, and therefore does not adequately handle costs to the products he markets and does not know how to correctly calculate the sale price.

I do not blame them for the failure, since the confused, patched and constantly changing Brazilian tax system requires a lot of dedication to stay within the legal limits, dedication that should be focused on the main activity of the company.

According to statistics from Sebrae – Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, 95% of young companies close their doors in less than five years. The flight of these companies is very similar to that of chickens, which even take flight, but quickly fall for lack of support.

The second group of companies (much smaller in number) are the individual ones, which have a flight much like raptors. They are characterized by the search for high-return opportunities where only those businesses that promise a high profit margin are considered to be interesting. It may seem like a great idea to always sell expensive, but the reality is very different in a highly competitive market, where only living from good opportunities is very difficult. The managers of these companies also do not know how to correctly calculate expenses and costs and often make the simplistic account known as “buy for $ 1.00 and sell for $ 3.00.” This type of company, which can be characterized as the one that holds eagle flight, does not customer loyalty, which makes life even more difficult. It lasts longer than the chicken, but it is only a generation.

The third group consists of small, medium and large companies that go through generations and were made to last. The prerequisite to fit this group is to focus on your business, to know very well the expenses and costs, the legislations, engineering, the environment, to have mission, vision, values, etc.

They are companies with structure, organization, discipline, ready to manage the business as a whole. Its form of administration reminds me of the flight of migratory birds, like geese. These birds are globalized, intercontinental and have a whole organization required for high and long flights. These companies do not sell cheap, nor expensive, because they seek the right margin to compensate their investors and collaborators

I do not wish to disparage one or another form of managing a company’s flight, but I understand that the predominant desire is to have a balanced and long-lasting business.

The latest initiatives of ANAPRE with the promotion of the courses Training of Competitive Prices for Concrete Floors and Costs for Floors and Coatings – Theory and Practice and the constitution of technical committees of specification of concrete, reinforced concrete with fiber and quality, with the proposal of Create a Quality Seal for the industry, focus precisely on their commitment to clarify and contribute to companies that wish to change their style of flight.

Alexis Joseph Steverlynck Fonteyne
Vice-presidente da ANAPRE
Diretor Executivo do Grupo Solepoxy