Innovative solutions.


of old or worn-out floors.

For old, worn, hollowed or oil and grease-contaminated¹ floors, LATICRETE Brazil features steel and glass fiber reinforced mortars, flexible epoxy masses and various coating systems with thicknesses from 1 to 6mm. Request an appointment with one of our engineers from our technical team to evaluate and design the best solution for your floor’s recovery.

¹ To be analyzed the degree of contamination and the structure’s integrity.


of ceramic floors, granilite, korodur type, etc.

Ceramic floors, granilite, korodur type, etc.² can be easily coated without the need for their demolition / removal. LATICRETE has unique techniques that allow the application of the coating directly over the old one, greatly reducing the time and cost of the renovation.

² To be analyzed the quality of the adhesion of the old floor.


For new and old floors

Whether it is abrasion, impact, contamination by grease, oil or chemical attacks, an unprotected floor lasts much less. LATICRETE has numerous systems. One of them will suit your cost / benefit. Make an appointment with one of our consultants.